'Kathy hello, It is with a great pleasure I write this letter to you and express my gratitude. I wish to thank you for turning my old apartment into a cosy, comfortable and inviting place. When speaking to you, my language was not architectural, however, with very few words you perfectly understood my dream and you turned it into reality. Your design has remarkably improved my daily routine. Now, even in the morning I do not want to leave the flat. Please continue doing what you do as you do it so well! Thank you!'                                  Client, Tel-Aviv, 2016

'We have been working with Studio Basheva on the interior design of my new apartment in Brussels for a couple of weeks already. This is our second common project. The first one – an apartment in the ski resort of Bansko - was finalised a year ago. It was a love at first sight! Studio Basheva's commitment, vision and brilliant ideas combining contemporary design with practical solutions make them what they are: creative, innovative, efficient, professional. I can't wait to see the final product!'  Client, Brussels, 2015

From client's email:  'I got back Friday and have to say the house looks even better than I could have imagined. It's really taking shape and that is only down to both the builder and yourself doing such an excellent job. Having been away for so long it's been reassuring that you've helped to ensure the minimum of stress and disruption for my wife and the kids. Thanks again very much.Best regards'  Client at Chalton Drive, 2015

'We had a good idea of what we were looking for and Kathy translated these ideas into a unique, yet functional design, proving to be a creative and intuitive architect. It was a pleasure working with her and hope to employ her services again.' Client, North London, 2013

‘Kathy was able to keep a complex project on track, managing the engineers, builders and specialists.  Her attention to detail ensured that the final result was as impressive as the original designs had promised and the practice was able to deliver a liveable as well as a beautiful space.’ Client, Hammersmith, London, 2010