The RIBA prescribed the standard stages a project goes through as the Plan of Work 2013.

What is the first step?

We will require any layout you have from your estate agent, old blueprints of the existing building. We will have a meeting to establish the wishes and the wants of your brief. 

We will then require a full survey in CAD format. We can refer you to a surveying company to complete this for you. 

Once we obtain a set of drawings from the surveying company only then we will commence working on your project. 

In the initial stage we will develop the Brief with you and offer you outline proposals

This stage Includes: site visits and client meetings to set direction and brief for the project, research and develop the design options, subsequent refinement of sketch proposals, develop a full set of CAD drawn information for planning application.

Here you can download our pdf showing the process

How will we receive the drawings?

The drawings will be available to you immediately after payment at completion of each stage.  They will be in a PDF format available either per email or downloadable link after transaction.

What is Included in your services?

It varies based on the package you select.  There are currently three options available:

Basic Service

Intended for basic layout and design services, this package may include only kitchen floor plan, stairs or a particular detail to resolve a situation. This may be only planning drawings or to deal with a local trust submission. These drawings are priced to aid you evaluating whether this is the right design for you.  

This covers only part of the RIBA stages. You may decide to employ our architectural services on stage by stage basis or only for the part of the house. 

Standard Service

This Package covers all RIBA stages 0-6 covering all aspects of a construction project of any size. 

Premium Service

This package includes the Standard Service and offers more items like : interior design, visits to showrooms and allows for more design meetings. 


Stage 1-2 Pre-Planning and Planning Drawings

Intended to use for obtaining planning consent. A variation of these drawings will be used for Listed Building Conservation Consent, or a local trust consent.   

Stage 3-4 Detailed proposals, Production information

Contract drawings and Contract preparation : The output of this stage is to develop, in collaboration with the consultant team. The drawings and specifications are detailed and commensurate with the level of service you would expect to receive from a high end architectural design studio.  There is a huge amount of value included with this package. 

The detailed design and construction information, and specifications to enable us to proceed to tender with reasonable cost accuracy. Drawings and details include Design Schedules and Specification:

  • General Arrangement Layout
  • Electrical layout
  • bathrooms detailed 
  • Setting out Kitchen design 
  • Electrical and lighting schedule 
  • Sanitary schedule
  • Finishes Schedule
  • Doors Schedule 
  • Area schedule
  • Radiators and heated towel rails schedule 
  • Ironmongery Schedule

This is a significant element of work which will describe in full, the design and construction of the project.

Can we change anything?

Yes of course. It’s your home, we want it to be just right for you. The process is bespoke for you and we work with you to personalise the layout.  We will have sufficient meetings and introduce all items on your brief as per your request. However, the design process is dynamic and we anticipate our clients to change opinions and requests. There are broadly speaking four stages in the process and you will be able to introduce one change per stage. The process is as follows: We require an instruction from you via an email and we will review the intended modifications. Be sure to send along any dimensions or a detailed description of the changes you would like made. Please bear in mind if you make changes during the construction phase this may have cost implications. 

How much will it cost to construct?

This will vary based on your location. Latest figures in London (*2015), typically to expect the net construction costs between £1,000-£1,500/square meter (this excludes professional fees and external local authorities). You should assign a notional budget which is referred to the net construction budget compiles of all items and packages which are fixed and fitted, this includes walls, doors, bathrooms fixtures and fittings, kitchen and built-in units, ventilation and associated mechanical and electrical services etc. Please note this will be both for client and architect’s choice. For budgeting purposes you should be aware that it is the norm for construction rates to be quoted excluding Vat and professional fees. You will want to take account of this when assembling the overall budget costs as opposed to net construction rates. Equally, if the project costs are predicted to be higher than our notional budget the fees will increase accordingly to account for the additional design work and time required to complete the task. 

What other services do you offer? 

We offer a range of additional services and we work with a great team of specialist consultants. Interior design is optional and will be charged separately. Please follow the link to see the list of our partners.  Interiors for example falls inside the shell and core of the architectural appointment ie. 

  •     Built in and fixed joinery 
  •     Specialist wall coverings 
  •     Bespoke or unusual floor finishes 
  •     Soft furnishing 
  •     Free standing furniture
  •     Window dressing

The extent of services and involvement will be tailored with you. 

Can we copy the drawings?

Certainly, just remember the drawings are licensed for use in constructing only for your home. By using the drawings, you are agreeing to the licensing terms, which spell this out in more detail.  Drawings may be distributed for example to Contractors & Subcontractors and manufacturers, so that they are able to price and build your project, but you can’t freely distribute it to others to construct their homes too.  Studio Basheva retains the copyrights for the drawings and allows you to use them for the duration of the project.

Are you available during construction to answer questions?

Of course.  We inspect the construction site and it is part of the RIBA stage 5. We will consult with you and guide any remaining decisions you might need to make or walk you through some of the details.  Contact us to schedule a time to talk. This stage is usually part of the Standard or Premium package.