Please click here to download a pdf which shows how the process looks like. 


Design Development

Taking the schematic plan we developed in the previous phase, we begin drawing this in a CAD program. We make the building real by drawing the floor plans, and all building elements often referred to as ‘packages’. We also begin thinking about materials, inside and out.  What will the walls, ceilings and roof look like?  At the end of this phase we will have what looks like a house, but not yet something a builder could begin building. That’s where the next phase comes in. We will submit the scheme for Building Control Approval as necessary prior to commencement of the construction phase.

Technical Design

This phase fixes all of the information about the house and will be used by the Contractor for pricing/tendering & construction.  We will discuss whether you would like to pursue a tender price contract or a negotiated contract and will craft the drawings and level of detail in those drawings based on that decision.  For a typical project, we generate the following drawings.

        Site Plan

        Floor Plan(s)

        Foundation Plan

        Exterior Elevations

        Building Sections/Wall Sections

        Door & Window Details

        Interior Elevations

        Details (interior/exterior)

        Electrical and Lighting Plans

        Building Specifications

        Schedules (Door/Window/Hardware/Sanitary/Lighting/Finishes/Appliances, etc.)

Structural Plans (as required by the Structural Engineer)