Chessington 2
 A family of six has recently purchased the property to be converted to 6 bedroom, 5 bathrooms to suit the dynamic and contemporary lifestyle. The disused roof space was converted to a new master bedroom and ensuite. The house was demolished and stripped back to the original structure. The ground floor accommodates now a large family space for entertaining and gathering. The first floor is dedicated to the young generation converting the hallway to a playground. The top floor disused attic space has been now converted to the master bedroom with en-suite facilities. 
 Unbeknown to the client, once opened the rear top floor revealed an amazing view of north London. The new layout accommodates the dynamic lifestyle of the large family. 
During Construction.jpg
 Rear ground floor open plan kitchen dining living area.
2015-12-10 09.38.05.jpg
 Family bathroom
Studio basheva Chessington Joinery details.jpg
2015-12-10 10.08.50.jpg
Cantilevered stairs StudioBasheva 02.jpg
2016-01-14 12.44.14.jpg
Hallway Studio Basheva 01.jpg
Hallway Details Studio Basheva.jpg
2016-01-14 12.48.37.jpg
2016-01-14 13.11.36-1.jpg
11 Chessington A 150310 GFL.jpg
11 Chessington A 150310 1FL.jpg
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